Audiobook Review: THE QUEER PRINCIPLES OF KIT WEBB by Cat Sebastian

The Queer Principles of Kit WebbThe Queer Principles of Kit Webb by Cat Sebastian
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5+ stars for this almost perfect book. The plot about the mystery book was a little weird and the book’s actual purpose seemed unrelated to the story. Maybe, it had historical significance but I don’t know enough about the era to get it. I also felt like there was more to the story that maybe will be explored in a sequel?

The audiobook narration by Joel Leslie was also almost perfect. The opening setup chapters were a bit rough with the introduction of the many characters. I had a hard time figuring out who the characters were at first, but by the third chapter the narration smoothed out and I was captivated by the story, characters, and romance.

For the romance itself, the center of the story, was perfect. I totally believed that Percy and Kit were meant for each other. This opposites attract romance was so well done, because their different personalities showed how they completed what was missing in each other’s lives.

After Kit quit his highway robbery career so good speak, Kit was bored with life and felt like his life was empty without purpose. Meanwhile, after Percy found out that he was not his father’s legitimate heir, Percy despaired that he was going to lose his beloved home. Percy was also starved for real affection and emotional connection. They gave each other what they needed. In the end, family, home, and love that would last a lifetime.

I loved Percy’s prickly, lovable personality. And I loved how Leslie performed him. I loved the witty banter between Kit and Percy, and I loved how honest they were with each other. Though this couple didn’t have big dramatic moments, arguments, breakups, and grand gestures to make up and prove their love, they had small disagreements that were resolved through honesty and communication, and their small gestures were big-hearted.

I loved how they showed up for each other and how showing up was a gesture in itself. How Percy wooed Kit by visiting his coffee shop everyday, in various delightful costumes, how Kit never let him down, was steadfast and reliable, how Kit knew exactly who Percy was and what he needed. I loved how their relationship developed naturally over time. Despite their backgrounds and personalities, they actually listened to what each other had to say and came to an extraordinary understanding of what truly mattered in life and love.

I felt like this book was written with so much heart. And I loved this book with all of mine.

*Audiobook review copy received from the publisher.

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