Audiobook Review: BLUE ON BLUE by Dal Maclean

Blue on Blue (Bitter Legacy, #3)Blue on Blue by Dal Maclean
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series got better and better with each book. Blue on Blue was so suspenseful and intense. It was fraught with tension, had all the feels and all the angst, and I loved it.

The narrator Gary Furlong totally inhabited the characters he gave voice to. His narration communicated Will’s emotions so convincingly I couldn’t help but cry at times.

This novel, like the previous books in the series, was deftly plotted, and all the plot twists made sense, although it was easier to guess this time around who was the real “villain.” I really liked how the villains were complex characters, and the heroes were flawed characters.

This book is a direct sequel to Object of Desire, which told Will and Tom’s love story from Tom’s perspective. In this book, their story is told from Will’s perspective. It was so interesting to learn what Will hadn’t said and what he had been hiding from Tom.

Though Will didn’t show it, his feelings for Tom were incredibly intense, and I completely sympathized with what he was going through in both his relationship and his job. Will went through so much stress not knowing which of his colleagues he could trust.

So, I really loved how Will and Jamie became cop buddies. I also loved how Ben got some closure, how Will and Tom figured things out, and how their relationship developed.

Will and Tom were such a passionate couple. The sex scenes were amazing, smoking hot, and emotionally intense, with a touch of tenderness and vulnerability. In a word, glorious.

This book was so damn good & unforgettable. I look forward to Dal Maclean’s future books.

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