Audiobook Review: BOYFRIEND MATERIAL by Alexis Hall

Boyfriend MaterialBoyfriend Material by Alexis Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was very entertaining, incredibly romantic, and often laugh-out-loud funny. But it was also heartfelt and emotional and made me cry at times.

Luc and Oliver were likable, complex, sensitive characters, whose vulnerabilities and imperfections won me over as much as their strengths and fearlessness. Luc was perfectly snarky and awkward, while Oliver was perfectly polite and composed, for the most part.

I loved how they didn’t instantly fall in love. Though the attraction was there from the start, they fell in love over time, as they got to know each other as as their fake relationship became more real.

I loved how honestly the author portrayed the various stages of falling in love, the giddiness and awkwardness, the fear of opening up to another person and getting hurt, the anxieties and complications.

For most of the novel, I couldn’t put it aside. But somewhere near the end, it started to feel a little too long. I liked Luc and Oliver’s friends, but I didn’t like all of Luc’s colleagues/donors. They just seemed to exist to be funny.

Not to mention, the beetle ball/fundraiser that Luc had needed a fake boyfriend for turned out to not be that exciting except to show how Oliver was such a great guy and boyfriend.

However, the meeting with Oliver’s parents was really interesting and got me invested in the story and the relationship all at once. It showed a side to Oliver that I hadn’t expected, and was really well-written.

There were many scenes that reminded me of a ‘90s Hugh Grant rom-com. With the carload of friends. The aging rock star. The Bridget-Darcy opposites attract, Darcy the upstanding barrister and his way with words when he told Bridget he liked her. The inappropriate mother.

I also loved Joe Jameson’ expressive, intimate, and sensitive narration. He was just so good. He got Luc and Oliver’s voices so right. I felt like he really was Luc, taking to me, totally inhabiting Luc’s character, feelings, and experiences, and not just reading from a book. The book was good but the audiobook was even better and definitely worth my Audible credit.

I could totally see this as a movie, which would be good because it would cut down on some of the scenes that went a bit too long in my opinion. Even with the parts that dragged, I could listen/read this all over again. Though the sex scenes weren’t explicit, they were sexy, meaningful, and sweet.

*eARC received from NetGalley.

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