Audiobook Review: THE IRON CROWN by M.A. Grant

The Iron Crown (The Darkest Court, #3)The Iron Crown by M.A. Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A magical, thrilling, and romantic conclusion to the Darkest Court series, THE IRON CROWN centers on Lugh, the youngest prince of the Unseelie Winter Court, and Kieran, his longtime companion and protector.

I completely enjoyed their journey from a platonic friendship to a greater love and sexual intimacy, and I loved how they became true equals in the end. They had a truly special relationship that was built on long-standing trust, friendship, and loyalty. From the moment Lugh found Kieran, they were inseparable.

I was fascinated by the pair’s magical abilities, which turned out to be more awesome and important to the main plot than I first thought. And I liked how their partnership was so vital in identifying and defeating the main villain.

I liked how the villain and the princes’ mother Queen Mab were complex and interesting characters as well. And I liked how the brothers came through for each other and their family, while treasuring and fighting for their found families.

I hope the author writes more fantasy m/m romance, because I enjoyed this series very much. (It’s even better in audiobook!)

*ARC received from NetGalley.

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