Book Review: BEAUTIFUL BEAST by Roe Horvat

Beautiful Beast (Those Other Books, #4)Beautiful Beast by Roe Horvat
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book really is a “light tale of lust and love,” as described. Joakim and Kevin were pretty straightforward with each other, what they wanted and how they felt. There wasn’t any conflict or internal struggle. Instead, there was joy and acceptance and really good, intense, kinky sex.

The reveal of Joakim’s status was the most exciting part of the story for me, almost like a Cinderella moment, and the vows at the wedding they attended were very touching. This had a feel-good, fairytale ending, and because there weren’t any real, big complications, the story itself didn’t give me all the feels.

I think love is quite complicated, but for Joakim and Kevin, it was easy. There was no doubt they were meant for each other, and there was no doubt their love story was epic to them.

This book was well-crafted, and the author’s style felt honest and real to me. I liked that it didn’t feel like a major publishing house had polished it up and stomped out the author’s voice.

All in all, this was a charming, naughty little book, and I liked it.

*ARC received for an honest review.

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