Audiobook Review: THE LAST SUN by K.D. Edwards

The Last Sun (The Tarot Sequence, #1)The Last Sun by K.D. Edwards
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The action was nonstop in this one, and though I felt there could have been less battle scenes, I enjoyed the story and the narrator’s performance.

I enjoyed the banter between Rune, Lord Sun, the MC and sole heir to the Atlantean Sun Throne, and his companion and bodyguard Brand. They were closer than lovers, brothers, and friends, and I liked their relationship was intimate without being sexual. I liked how the men had deep relationships with each other without having to be romantically involved.

I also liked how neither Rune nor Rune’s love interest were emotionally stunted, and how Rune’s lover wasn’t the macho alpha type who believes it’s a weakness to show emotions. He was beautiful and chivalrous and such a wonderful gentleman and prince. I was curious for much of the story who Rune’s love interest would be, and when they met, it all seemed meant to be.

The other young people in Rune’s life were great characters too, the young prophet and the vulnerable ward, who all had their own roles to play and made this book so very entertaining.

Rune’s backstory wasn’t exactly entertaining but it was his story as he said in the intro. I didn’t need the squeamish detail of the plot twist in the end, however. I felt that it was horrible enough that he’d been assaulted, but did the author have to make it even worse? The villain was bad enough as he was.

I’m more curious about the other secret Rune’s kept all these years, and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next in this series and continued development of Rune’s romance. I love how he calls Rune, “hero.”

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